Thursday, February 16, 2012

David Payne - Amazing Memory Recall From Payne's Rogatory Statement

DAVID PAYNE in his statement of 4 May says virtually nothing about the events of the afternoon and early evening of 3 May.

 DAVID PAYNE ROGATORY STATEMENT to Leicestershire Police April 2010 (Extract)
1485 (Leicestershire Police):

"Alright, what I now want you to concentrate on David is the important day really, Thursday the third of May.

I want you to try and put yourself back in to that, it may help you if you think of the time when the alarm was raised, that may well bring you back to the beginning of the day and try and remember as much as you can, the time you got up, I know that you said on the first interviews that you couldn’t remember an awful lot but try as best you can to remember from say midday onwards.”

00:01:48 PAYNE “Mm yeah, err on that particular day err me and Fiona had you know gone down to the beach, we err took the dinghies out err as usual we went, you know we had the kids, err we had lunch err in the apartment.

Err that afternoon I wanted to go down err to the Ocean, err to the beach and err you know windsurf err Matt and Russell had gone down there, they were, had taken the catamaran out.

So I went down there err while Fiona and Dianne were looking after the girls in our apartment.

Err I was down err windsurfing, I must have been windsurfing for a couple of hours, err saw Matt and Russ out on err the catamaran and then after we finished there we you know we met on the beach, played with the girls on the beach and then we went to the err the restaurant which is on the err overlooking the beach and you know we had err the evening meal there.

Err after we had the meal we got some ice cream and then err we decided that we were gonna go up and play tennis so I left err with err Russell, we left the, err the girls at the restaurant and we went up to the, err back up to the Ocean Club.

Err I, as I say I’m not sure you know what happened to Matt and Russell at that particular moment but I remember then you know I went over to see err Gerry at the err you know tennis courts, just to see you know what was happening, and err decided that we’d, you know I’d come, come back to play tennis and err Gerry had asked me just to pop in and check everything was alright err with Kate or you know again I can’t remember the exact reason whether he was just making sure it was alright that he could stay there and you know more time but you know he’d asked me to pop in.

So I walked back err from the tennis courts, err back to err you know Kate and Gerry’s apartment and the time you know looking at, you know we’ve looked obviously at photographs since then and you know the time that we’ve got that I was you know going to Kate’s about six thirty, err and I went into their apartment  through the patio doors.

The three children were all you know dressed you know in their pyjamas, you know they looked immaculate,

you know they were just like angels, they all looked so happy and well looked after and content and I said to Kate, you know it’s a bit early for the you know, for the three of them to be going to bed,

she said ah they’ve had such a great time, they’re really tired and you know err so I say, you know I can’t remember exactly what, what you know the night attire, what the children were wearing but white was the predominant err colour,

 but you know just to reinforce they were just so happy, you know seeing you know obviously Gerry wasn’t there but they were just all, just so at peace and you know they looked like a family who’d had such a fantastic time

and err yeah then I left there, went and got my stuff, went back to the tennis courts and then err there was me, Matt and Russell and I think Gerry played a little, for a little while but he decided that he’d, he’d played enough tennis for that day and err was going back

and so it left with me, Russell and err Matt and err Dan who was the, the you know the tennis coach from Mark Warner.

Err so we played some tennis and you know we were having a good knock and then it was getting a bit late so err we, you know we left the tennis courts,

went back to our respective partners to get ready to go out, you know it was, it was, you know certainly after half past seven that we’d, you know we’d left the courts, perhaps even a bit later than that.

Err when I got back err I think because Fiona had done a lot of babysitting and left me playing tennis she said well I’m gonna go for a very quick run so she went for a run on the beach,

you know, err got the kids ready, bathed, got them ready for err to go to bed but again you know as we’d got back late err from the tennis courts you know the whole time err for that evening was not, you know later.

And then we just got ready to go and by the time Fi had got back from the run we’d all had showers, we were all ready to go and the girls were asleep and we were happy to leave the apartment, it was you know it was sort of gone quarter to nine.

Err we walked down, the three of us, err you know to the Tapas area err we bumped into Matt, he was walking err back to the apartment and err you know he was, he was, you know semi-jokingly said oh I’ve come to check because you’ve taken so long

and you know which actually transpired that they were quite err getting agitated because you know the time the table was booked at half past eight andyou know it was approaching nine o’clock

and you know they thought it was, it wasn’t appropriate that we weren’t there you know as early as we should have been.

So then Matt carried…err back, you know, to the apartment and we went to the table.

Err when we sat, sat down I err sat next to Gerry and err youknow of course the next few minutes just started chatting to Gerry and you know I said to him you know this is you know has been one of the best days I’ve had in a long time

you know and we were just chatting about what we’d done and he was reciprocating just saying you know what, what a fantastic day they’d had, what a fantastic week it was and you know just a general consensus was that you know it was just a fantastic time.

Err again I was aware that err you know that other people were leaving the table, err I know that err the, err between Russell and Jane they were leaving the table err to look after Evie.

It transpired that at some stage she’d been unwell and err Evie, sorry then Russ, so Russell was basically, was missing the part of the main course and then Jane went you know and ate hers and then disappeared off to take over

so we all you know I think made the same joke that Jane said oh I’ve gone to relieve you know Russell and you know that’s, and then you know I remember the other people that night you know again it’s in part of the things that we discussed after but you know I was sort of aware as well that there was, rather than all just checking on their own they were just cross-checking as well but still you know very err frequently…”

Researched by Tony Bennett